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2020 western hills cc

Due to covid19 virus new caddie training has been suspended until further notice.

on-line training videos will be sent to candidates.  please phone, text, or email Gary Rogers with any questions

April 25          first day of caddying for all caddies

congratulations to caleb Abel and Griffin Kelley - both have been recently awarded Evans Scholarships!

Western Hills Country Club is proud to be not only one of the finest Country Clubs in Cincinnati, but also a proud home of a long standing caddying program for young men and women.  Caddying is not just a summer job, but an investment in your future.  Caddying takes hard work, dedication, communication, and attention to detail.  These are not only principles to be used on the course, but in every aspect of life.  Being a caddie is a fun way to earn money, meet new people and maybe even earn scholarships. 

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